Kings Meadows Medical Centre understands that the community needs relevant health information that can be accessed easily and at any time. Our website includes information and links to a wide variety of health information for your convenience.

Health Links
Comprehensive sites
Australian HealthInsite(Federal govt portal)
Better Health Channel (Vic State Health)
NSW Health Dept
Queensland Health
Department of Health and Ageing
ABC Health Matters
Virtual Medical Centre
International Medline Plus (US)
Family Doctor and MayoClinic (US)
Net Doctor and MedicineNet (UK)
The Merck Manual Home Edition (US)

Specific topics
Acne All About Acne
Alcohol The Right Mix
Alcoholics Anonymous
Allergy Aust. Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy
Anaphylaxis Australia
Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s Australia
Arthritis Arthritis Australia
Asthma National Asthma Council
Asthma Foundations of Australia
Bowel and digestive diseases Gastroenterological Society of Australia
Gut Foundation
Bowel cancer National Bowel Cancer Screening Program
Brain disorders Brain Australia
Cancer Cancer Council Australia
American Cancer Society (US)
Cancerbackup (UK)
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre
Coeliac disease The Coeliac Society of Australia
Child abuse (adults) Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA)

Helping Survivors

Complementary and alternative medicine
(US sites only)
National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Medline Plus
Diabetes Diabetes Australia
International Diabetes Institute
Glycemic Index
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