We recognise the importance of a business’s workforce and have designed our occupational medical service to focus on that importance.

It is important that prospective employees are fit and able to undertake their required tasks, it is important that existing employees remain fit and able to do so and, in the event of an accident or becoming unwell, it is important that employees are supported and able to return to work in a safe but timely manner.

In conjunction with our partners Newstead Medical and the Urgent Care Centre, NewWorkHealth is able to meet all those important needs.

Our extensive range of occupational health services includes but is not limited to:

Pre – employment medicals

By providing flexible pre-employment assessments we are able to help businesses assess and manage workplace risk by ensuring prospective employees are fit and able to undertake their required tasks. This service can be tailored to the type of workplace and the tasks required.

Our registered nurses can cover components such as:

  • Biometrics health check (height, weight, BMI, blood pressure check, etc)
  • Vision check – reading, distance and colour test
  • Audiometry (hearing)
  • Spirometry (lung and breathing capacity)
  • Urinalysis
  • General Range of Movement
  • Basic Neurological Testing
  • Assessment Summary and Clinical Findings, and position recommendation
  • Instant Drug and Alcohol Screen meeting the Australian Standards

Hearing (Audiometry) Assessments

By assessing an employee’s hearing capability and monitoring any ongoing hearing loss the risk of workplace injuries is able to be better managed. The well-being of employees and their ability to remain fit and able to undertake their required tasks is maintained. We offer this assessment as a standalone service or included within our pre-employment medical.

Respiratory Function (Spirometry) Assessments

By testing an employee’s breath capacity, we can assess the health or the deterioration of the airways and lungs. This assessment can also show underlying respiratory conditions and contributing factors to the employee’s general health. We offer this assessment as a standalone service or included within our pre-employment medical.

Drug & Alcohol Screening.

Regardless of the workplace, safety is a key ingredient of a healthy and committed workforce. A well-managed and implemented drug and alcohol screening program ensures safety and enhances the ability of employees to remain fit and able to undertake their required tasks. Our Nationally Accredited Testers can perform instant urine or saliva drug tests and instant breath alcohol tests, as well as Lab Drug and Alcohol Tests. Include it in your employee’s pre-employment medical, as a standalone service, or arrange for our testers to do on-site visits

Accident and Medical care/Worker’s Compensation

The importance of providing appropriate medical care to employees cannot be understated. Just as important is the timeliness of any such intervention. By utilising the expertise and services of our partner, the Urgent Care Centre, we can ensure the time an employee is away from the workplace in the event of a workplace accident or progressive condition is kept to a minimum. Our Exercise Physiologist can see your employees through Worker’s Compensation claims to work through their recovery and expedite return to work. If an incident occurs in the workplace, you can also call us to arrange an emergency Drug and Alcohol Screen for the employees involved.

Workplace Programs: Health and Wellbeing, Manual Handling Training /Injury Prevention

Occupational Health and Safety are extremely important for both physical and mental wellbeing. NewWorkHealth can tailor a program suited to your workplace and employees’ needs. Talk to us about how we can come to you for minimal disruptions to your productivity. Our Exercise Physiologist can go through basic nutrition, manual handling training, injury prevention techniques, and general ergonomic assessments with staff. For optimal efficiency, arrange for our nurse to provide biometric (height, weight, BMI, blood pressure check, etc) health checks. Having a baseline to monitor changes in an employee’s health can typically catch potential problems they’re at risk of, and avoid staff being absent with sickness. These data from these programs can also serve to track a company’s “environmental risks” to an employee’s health when monitored over time.

Exercise Physiologist Referrals

NewWorkHealth’s Exercise Physiologist is also accepting new patients currently. Arrange to see him privately or speak to your GP about a referral.
Services include but are not limited to:

  • Chronic Disease Management /Enhanced Primary Care Plans
  • Management of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Workers Compensation and CTP Injury Rehabilitation
  • Private EP Sessions
  • Workplace Health and Wellbeing Programs
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Workplace Manual Handling Training /Injury Prevention
  • Life Insurance and Income Protection Claims
  • NDIS Exercise Programs
  • DVA Health
  • Private Health
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Other services

We are also able to undertake assessments of those employees who are required to drive as part of their work duties.

Please contact us at info@newworkhealth.com.au or phone (03) 6338 9888 for more information, or to book an appointment.