We recognise the importance of a business’s workforce and have designed our occupational medical service to focus on that importance.

It is important that prospective employees are fit and able to undertake their required tasks, it is important that existing employees remain fit and able to do so, and, in the event of an accident or becoming unwell, it is important that employees are supported and able to return to work in a safe but timely manner.

In conjunction with our partner, Urgent Care Centre, New Work Health is able to meet all those important needs.

Our extensive range of occupational health services includes:

Pre-employment medicals

By providing flexible pre-employment assessments we are able to help businesses assess and manage workplace risk by ensuring prospective employees are fit and able to undertake their required tasks. This service can be tailored to the type of workplace and the tasks required.

Hearing Assessments

By assessing an employee’s hearing capability and monitoring any ongoing hearing loss the risk of workplace injuries is able to be better managed. The well-being of employees and their ability to remain fit and able to undertake their required tasks is maintained.

Drug & Alcohol Screening.

Regardless of the workplace safety is a key ingredient of a healthy and committed workforce. A well-managed and implemented drug and alcohol screening program will ensure safety and enhance the ability of employees to remain fit and able to undertake their required tasks.

Accident and medical care

The importance of providing appropriate medical care to employees cannot be understated. Just as important is the timeliness of any such intervention. By utilising the expertise and services of our partner, the Urgent Care Centre, we can ensure the time an employee is away from the workplace in the event of a workplace accident or developed condition is kept to a minimum.

Other services

We are also able to undertake assessments of those employees who are required to drive as part of their work duties.

Please contact us at info@newworkhealth.com.au or phone (03) 6338 9888 for more information, or to book an appointment.