Flu shots have arrived! So this is what we know so far: experts have predicted this may be the worst flu season ever, with over 26000 cases confirmed so far and over 4000 deaths predicted. The season has started far earlier than in previous years so we’re vaccinating earlier, even though we know that the vaccine is only effective for 3-4 months and the traditional peak is in August. South Australia has been hit particularly hard, though we think it won’t be long before it spreads from there. The flu shot isn’t a guarantee you won’t get the flu, but we know it decreases rates by 40-60%. It is not as effective against the H3N2 strain (in this year’s vaccine) as it is against H1N1 but it’s better than not being vaccinated. The elderly and pregnant women are at most risk, and the current recommendation is for pregnant women to be vaccinated ASAP (it’s also subsidised). We’ll keep you posted on updates as they become available