February will see the departure of 3 GP Registrars, Dr James Tan, Dr Karinna Fyfe and Dr Boon Sie, as we welcome 5 new GP Registrars to Kings Meadows Medical: Dr Verity Foulkes-Taylor, Dr Daniel Kirk, Dr Jason Jeffery, Dr Nicole Hutchens and Dr Adam Woodbury. GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors who have worked in the hospital system (some for many years and in different specialities), who have chosen to pursue General Practice as a specialty. As a part of their training, they are required to move to at least one other practice, prior to completing their Fellowship exams. Past GP Registrars who have trained at Kings Meadows Medical and now call it their permanent home include Dr Toby Gardner, Dr Michael Fox, and Dr Graham Poole. We always ensure that we employ Registrars of the highest calibre at Newstead and we are a sought-after training practice, though we love it when they stay long-term!